Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tired but happy

Okay, this weekend was really busy, but really good. On Saturday Sevrine and I woke up kind of early because she had to see the train go by then we got back in bed and snuggled for a while. We got ready and went out to pick up Melonie from Time out for women to take her to her Soccer game. After the Soccer game we drove out to Phoenix to see Paul's Football game. Sevrine went home with the Burbanks for the night and I went out with Mike. I can't believe how long it had been since Sevrine had seen them, I think it was a couple of months. The kids were really excited to see her and Sevrine was equally as excited to see them. It made the night less stressful for me to have her spend the night at their house because I didn't need to worry about getting home to take a babysitter home.

I met up with Mike at around 8 and I think he must have just finished his workout because I ended up having to wait for him to get ready. We were trying to decided what to do for a little while and finally settled on a movie. We went down to the theater to see what was playing and decided on Role Models. It was hilarious, but there was a kid sitting next to us with his girlfriend that talked and laughed, really loudly, throughout the entire movie. It was really annoying. Mike and I both want to see the movie again, but hopefully without the obnoxious commentary. Sevrine and I are also going to go to one of his high school team's basketball games. Sevrine loves to go to games and yell for her team. Most people are surprised by how loud she can be and by the fact that she actually yells stuff that's applicable. She did the same thing when Maxx was wrestling. I'm excited to see it.

Sevrine leaves on the 22nd to go and see her Dad and it will be really quiet without her. That's a double edged sword. :( I enjoy the quiet while she's gone and that I don't have to worry about what she's getting in to, but I miss her so much too. I almost don't know what to do with myself. Everyone says to go and do stuff while she's gone, but those that really know me, know that I really don't love doing things by myself. Thankfully I've already roped Mike into going to a movie the day Sevrine leaves. Poor guy, I'm making him go see Twilight with me. I did offer to let him pick the next one though. :)

I'm normally not that productive when she's gone so we'll see how much I can get done this time. I did get a lot of my room organized a few weeks ago, although I still have a lot to do. Well, more later.

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