Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's the little things

     Even though the day didn't start out that great, we ended up having a really good day. We had to get up early this morning so Sevrine could go to her very first day of league bowling, but the little one did not want to wake up.  Turns out she snuck her nabi into her room and stayed up way too late watching Netflix.  Neither of us is sure what time she actually went to bed.  Thankfully by the time league started, she was in a good mood and was taking instruction from the coaches and trying to apply the coaching they were giving her.  She bowled better and better with every game.  We don't know what her handicap will be yet, but she was bowling pretty well.

After she got done with league, we got another lane so we could bowl together.  She continued to improve and was really happy with how she was doing.  The lanes were pretty dry so neither of us were sliding very well, but we managed to work through it.  After that, we decided to head over to the bowling alley on Lackland to see if the pro shop was open since it seems my shoes really were cheap and that might be part of the reason I'm not sliding as much anymore, and Sevrine decided she wanted to bowl some more.  She didn't bowl as well at lackland, but I think that it can throw you off switching lanes.  There is definitely a difference in the approach as well as how dry the lanes are.  I also think that we were both pretty tired by then.

All in all, Sevrine bowled for about 6 total hours today and I bowled for 4.  Definitely a long day, but we both had a lot of fun.  I was really proud of her attitude and behavior during league today, as well as the rest of the day. During her last few games she put the ipod on and listend to music because the kids next to us were a little distracting.  It was really cute watching her bob her head and dance as she bowled.

My favorite part of the day was after we got home.  Sevrine still wanted to listen to the ipod, but she went straight to her favorite spot in the house (in between the TV and the coffee table on the floor) and layed down and fell asleep.  I had headphones in as well watching a show on the ipad when I started to hear her snore.  It is hilarious how much noise comes out of such a small girl.  When I went over to check on her, she was completely out.  I don't think there is anything cuter to a parent than seeing their child asleep.  Even if the whole day had gone badly, that one moment would have changed everything.  

Here's to enjoying those little moments.