Thursday, August 23, 2012

80 days and counting

This deployment is starting to wind down.  We have less than 3 months to go now and I am anxious for Jeff to come home so we can start this next phase of our lives together.  It's a good thing too since sending out care packages is pretty pricey. :)  I like sending them though because I know how much he loves getting them.

I started a new workout last week (has nothing to do with him coming home).  Now that school is back in I have less time to hit the gym if Sevrine and I are going to work on her homework and reading when we get home and have her still go to bed on time, so I decided to start a home workout circuit to try and get my workout done without having to take away precious homework time.  So far it's going well.  My only rest day is Sunday and tonight will be my 7th workout.  I set up two different 6 workout routines and I rotate them every day.  I also alternate my cardio.  On non running days I use the stationary bike and Mondays I double up on my run and the bike.  Trying to get back to my race weight.  It's going to take some time as I build up mileage again, but I'm really happy with my consistency so far.

 Happy running!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Half Way There

This week was a milestone for us.  We are half way through Jeff's deployment.  I won't lie and say that the time has flown by, but thankfully it's not dragging either.  We are just taking things one day at a time.  We've been so lucky to have Skype and Skype for Android.  It's probably the only way that I'm surviving this deployment without too much stress.  Before he left we were able to talk on the phone every night and with Skype and the not too crazy time difference we get to talk almost every morning.  I can't think of a better way to start my day than a phone call with my best friend.  It's fun to still be able to talk and make plans for November.  Even though he's not here, I still don't know what I'd do without him.  Here's to hoping that the next 3 months are just as good as the first 3.