Saturday, October 24, 2009

Long day

Well, today began early. Sevrine woke up a happy girl at around 7am asking me to read to her. We got up and got ready, went to get her hair curled and then rushed down to Saguaro Ranch Park to meet Sara Carroll for her pictures. We were cutting it close, but we managed to get there on time. Sevrine was really wired. She did really well though and I think Sara got some great shots. Sevrine wore 3 different outfits and we tried to change her hair a little without messing up her curls. By the end of the 1 hours shoot, Sevrine was "directing" Sara and telling her how she wanted to pose for her pictures. She was still saying "hey Sara take my picture" as we were walking to the car. She just kept stopping a random spots or posing next to trees and had to have her picture taken. It was really cute. Sara was awesome. She was so patient with Sevrine which made me a feel better even though I was stressing out. lol I got a couple pictures of the scene so you can see them. I felt weird taking a picture of Sevrine while Sara was so all of the pictures are of Sara taking Sevrine's picture. :) I can't wait to see them now!

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