Saturday, October 31, 2009

Irish Festival

Well, I finally got to take Sevrine to the Arizona Irish Festival this year. I can't remember what conflict I had last year, but I was determined that I would take her this year. I'm so glad I did. She had a lot of fun. Jeff met us over there before he had to go to work and she was so excited to see him. She was her normal happy bubbly self and so interested in everything going on around her. She clapped to the music when the McMorrows played, got her face painted and jumped in the bounce house. She didn't wear her costume this year because her play costume got torn at school yesterday, but she still had fun.

While we were there we got a picture of the brick my parents bought a few years ago in memory of Grandma Bromley. It was nice to have Sevrine sitting next to the brick since that is who she was named for. As you can see from the pictures Sevrine had a blast and now she can't wait to go next year. :)

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