Saturday, January 2, 2010

Clean slate

Okay, since this is a new year, I think we can say that now is a good time to start over, clean the slate as it were. I want to keep my goals this year simple. I could make a huge list of things that I want to accomplish this year as I've done in year's past, but I think that it's hard to look back and see what you've yet to accomplish sometimes. I already stated before that one of my main goals this year is to be selfish, but I think that to make that goal sound slightly less....selfish, I'll say that this year I'm going to focus on my own happiness. If you currently rely on me for your happiness, I apologize, you're on your own, unless of course it's directly linked with my own happiness. So yeah, main goal is to be happy. I may start up my photo blog again, but the pressure of having to do it every day was too much. I will just hope for a few per week at this point. Hmmm, I may have to set a goal to keep you more informed as to the happy aspects of my life. We'll start with this.......

I bought a new point & shoot today. My old camera was about 3 years old and will no longer take a charge, so after much shopping around, I settled on a Samsung with 5x optical zoom. If it weren't for the much anticipated football game on Monday, I may have postponed this purchase for a little while, but alas, I really want to get some pictures of Jeff and I at the game so I had to buy it. :) It does have some pretty cool features, so stay tuned. If I can figure them out, they'll be really cool.

So, to you all.... Happy New Year and may it be everything you hope for. :)

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