Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: You are officially dead to me

I have to say, that I am so glad this year is over. It has not been a very good one. I just hope that 2010 is better. Okay, so here is my New Year's Resolution. It's going to sound strange at first, but I'll explain. I vow to be selfish this year. Yep, that's it. Last year I spent so much time and energy taking care of and worrying about everyone else that I didn't take care of me at all. This year will be different. This year is all about me. I know that if I take better care of myself I can be a better Mom to Sevrine, which is a definite bonus. It's also the year to evaluate who I really need in my life. I find that so many of my friendships/relationships are a little too one-sided. Which goes back to the being selfish thing. If my friends don't treat me the same way that I treat them and am getting nothing back from them, I'm going to have to cut them loose. So, I am also now taking applications for friends. lol Please submit your references. ;) jk

So, here is to me in 2010, since this will be the year that it's all about me. :)

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