Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm surrounded by crazy people!

The first week of this new year, has definitely been a strange one.  It started off a little bit wrong, started to turn back around with the addition of some new friends, then has gone back to the twilight zone (not the vampire movie, the original lol).  This new chapter in the drama that is my life is actually just a continuation of an incident from a few months ago, but has resurfaced.  If you're lucky, you can ask and I'll tell you, otherwise you'll just have to be curious.  

Sevrine and I went to the gym tonight.  I have, yet another, new trainer to do my re-evaluations.  Let's hope this one lasts more than a few weeks.  I do like him though, I think he's going to kick my trash.  I'm going to hate him tomorrow and for a few days after that, but I'm sure I'll come to love him as I notice more results. lol  I do have some new goals to try and stick to, one being cutting out soda.  Probably not 100%, but I drink way too much soda right now which isn't doing me any favors.

Well, time to wrap this up.  More later.

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