Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 2 of "The Workout" - 65 days

Okay, so I figured you might want to know what workout I'm doing, or maybe you don't..... Either way, this is it.

3x20 Dumbbell bench press
3x60 sec plank
3/12 lunges
3x20 calf raises with 5lb weights
3x25 bicycles
5 roll-ups
30 min stationary bike

3x7 push ups
3x25 crunches
3x15 squats
3x20 calf raises with 5lb weights
3x20 chest flies
3x25 scissor kicks
3x30 side plank
Run 2 miles during week 3-4 on Saturday

Tonight I had to change my run to the stationary bike since Sevrine was still awake, but the plan is to run in the morning.  Will be tracking my progress beginning yesterday to see where I'm at since I have 65 days until my move to San Antonio and only a matter of a week or so after that until Jeff gets home.  I have a ways to go until I can get back to my ideal race form but I'm working on it.  So far I'm starting to see more definition in my legs and have notices small changes in my core.  Hopefully those changes will become more visible soon.

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