Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let me off this ride

It seems like when I think that things are starting to get back to normal or close enough to normal for me to be comfortable, something comes up that throws things off again. I think they've already settled down again, at least for now. I guess we will see how things play out over this next week. In the meantime, work is going fairly well and Sevrine had a great time getting to see her cousins and her Dad this weekend. If only the excitement of being in a new house would wear off so she'd go to bed on time again. lol It used to be that I could ask her if it would make Jeff happy that she wasn't going to bed when she was supposed to and she'd settle right down. I haven't threatened her with his disappointment in a while because she hasn't seen him in a few weeks, and I'm not sure when she'll see him next. She misses him though. So do I, which makes it hard to hear her talk about him sometimes.

Ok, on to more fun things. Sevrine had a great time this weekend. She loved getting to play with her cousin Maddie. She didn't want to leave at all. She got to go run through the fountains at Gateway, go to Swiss Days in Midway, UT, play dress up, and go to see her Dad. She is still recovering from the excitement I think. lol It doesn't help that she's sleeping in a new house and a new pink bedroom. She's had a lot of changes and these have been exciting for her. Hopefully she'll start to settle into a routine soon so she can get back to her old schedule.

Well, I'm off to bed. A little earlier than is my usual, but after so many late nights, I need it.

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